Hi Robert,

I want to thank you for the great work you did in fixing up my blog, the layout is much better and everything is now working as it should be.

If your looking for a true professional then look no further…..Robert will have you sorted out in a flash πŸ™‚

Thanks again Robert

Craig Dawber WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that Robert really came through for me on a rush job on a Saturday. He worked until 1 a.m. until the project was perfect.

Thanks Robert, I really appreciate it.

Paul Coleman WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

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Robert is flat out brilliant. He was very patient with me as we communicated to sort out the best way to do some code edits on my site. He delivered exactly what I needed and in record time. Did I mention the reasonable prices he charges? If you are serious about your IM business then Robert is an important partner for you to have along side you to take care of all your coding concerns.

Thanks Robert

John Lefler WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

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Hey Robert. You never cease to amaze me. You always come through and are up to any challenge a WP blog can throw at you. I don’t know how you figure this stuff out but am grateful that you can. Thanks again for a job well done.

John Lefler WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

Awesome, fixed. Your a Genius , appreciate all the help and will definitely call on you again, money’s on its way.

Kevin McPhail WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

I am so thankful that I found you and you were able to fix these issues. I will definetly add you to our “rolodex” of people that can help with wordpress and recommend you to others.

Lorette Lyttle WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

Robert has just fixed an issue I had with a Wordpress blog and he was fast, friendly and fairly priced. It’s the second time he’s helped me out, and I now won’t go anywhere else when I need a hand with my blogs. Thanks very much!

Dr. Audrey Harvey WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

Hey Warriors πŸ™‚

I have been off doing my thing only popping in to hire warriors as needed. When I tried Robert on a project he came through with colors that fly!

Great work – Great person with ideas and not just another I’ll do the least needed to get paid. Truly over delivered!

Highly Recommended.

Star Riley WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

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Thanks Robert:

Great work-Fast, thorough, professional with excellent pricing. Now that’s what I call the complete package. And really, a big thanks for taking the time to explain things to me, instead of just telling me that the job is done and sign me off.

I’ll be deleting all other programmers, because with you on the job, who needs ’em!

Denis Caron WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

Thanks Robert. Good work.

You did exactly what I was looking for. The work was completed within 12 hours of payment. Faster than I thought it would be. Great improvement in the look of my site.

I will be back.

Marcus Blalock WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

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After reading the glowing reviews on this site, I decided to hire Robert to help me with a complete transformation of my wordpress based website.

Robert was able to answer every question I asked and perform every project I requested. He is fast and friendly.His rates are INCREDIBLY reasonable.

Having Robert on my ‘team’ sure makes my life easier and allows me to focus on my other projects. I recommend him without hesitation.

Veronica Torres WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give a review of Robert’s service with wordpress. I had an occasion to use him recently on my wordpress website. I had a problem and contacted him on skype. He spent an hour of his time looking over my site to determine what was the source of the problem. He was able to figure out the problem and fixed it.

He then helped to migrate my site to a new database. This was done quickly and with no issues. I was concerned about loosing data or having issues with the migration. Robert’s expertise was the reason there was no problem with the migration.

Robert has always been quick to respond via email or skype. I always know the status of work that he has done and it has always been outstanding!

If you are looking to use somebody for either a new or existing website I STRONGLY STRONGLY RECOMMEND Robert. I have used others for service but I will not be using anybody else now that I have found Robert.

The website of mine that he worked on is at SEAL Grinder PT ? …Unleash Your Inner Warrior Athlete…. You can check that out to see the quality of his work.

In the near future I am going to have him install bbpress forum software on my website. Robert just send me an estimate on getting this installed correctly so I can get you going on it.

Jennifer Bland WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

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I can’t thank you enough. I’m still not sure what I did, but you came through and got my theme & blog back to and better than what it was before. You know your Wordpress and I’ll be using you again shortly for a couple other projects I’m working on. Your response and diagnosis was right on and fast. I know who I’m sending people to from now on that want help with wordpress and this kind of stuff.

Dana Houser WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

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I just got done working with Robert today and have to say I will use him again very soon. His knowledge of wordpress and its functions is above par. I needed a number of layout changes done along with adsense and a few other questions.

He was easy to communicate with and understood what I needed quickly and implemented it fast. If your looking for someone to ramp up your wordpress and make it into a professional looking page your visitors will enjoy Robert here knows his stuff and will get it done for you quickly.

Sean Supplee WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

I sent PMs to 6 other warrior programmers (Robert was the 7th and last) and Robert responded almost immediately while (3 days later) I’m still waiting for responses from any of the others. I’ll be sending more projects to Robert while the other guys snooze.
Not only does Robert know programming he understands marketing and is action oriented!

Steve Shulenski WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

Hello Fellow Warriors,

Just wanted to let you know that if you are searching for someone to help with programming problems, tweaks, Wordpress setups and the like, then Robert’s your guy. I most recently contacted him about a coding problem, that I needed remedied ASAP. Not only did he fix the problem, but he responded VERY quickly over several messages, wasted no time in reviewing the problem and getting it solved. In addition, he was very pleasant to deal with. I will definitely be using his services in the future. I have used the services of other web programmers within and outside this forum, and my experience with Robert is second to none, and a great deal better than some!

Kimberly Clay WordPress Programming January 21, 2017

I’m still at awe! I’m also still waiting on a response from another warrior zzzzzzz
I don’t need him now because Robert Payne was timely in his response, patient, dilligent and thorough in helping me resolve my theme’s issues. I had stayed up the night before trying to figure out my problem and Robert was able to identify it right away by telling me a plugin had kind of taken over rights. He gave me a work around which has worked beautifully.

As the terminator would say, “I’ll be back”

Seriously, don’t think about it. If you have an issue, don’t waste time. Check Robert out.

G D Hunt WordPress Programming January 22, 2017

I cannot recommend Robert highly enough. I contacted Robert in a panic after I messed up Wordpress transfer and he fixed it almost instantly without hassle and he only charged me $17 while I got quoted a lot more from other Warriors. Since then Robert has done another job for me and again something I messed up was sorted out instantly without fuss. Even though Roberts services are crazy cheap for me its not just about the price I need somebody on hand who is approachable and easy to deal with and that’s just what Robert is. Robert is usually always available on skype so its reassuring that somebody like him is easily accessible rather than having to submit support tickets to help desks and all that usual stuff that just wastes time.

I have more work line up for Robert and only want to deal with him in future for tech issues.

Thanks again Robert

David Doyle WordPress Programming January 22, 2017

Robert has done a tremendous job in transferring my website k1 kickboxing.
He made everything as I wanted and even better. Robert is now working on my second website and I will hire him for sure for a next job. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Thanks Robert πŸ™‚

Arjan Bakker WordPress Programming January 22, 2017

Robert is a wonderful guy to have around. I emailed him and he immediately helped me do some custom HTML work. He’s a great guy and is always willing to work until its right. Thanks for all your help Robert.

Charles MacNeil WordPress Programming January 22, 2017

Got Robert to do some installation of software on my site…
Great service,Great Price,Super fast
Highly recommended

Daniel White Web Development January 22, 2017